We are a family ranch and not a petting zoo / public facility. We schedule visits for families that are interested in acquiring our companion goats. Goat Companions imposes strict biosecurity practices to protect our healthy herd from contagious diseases. No outside animals are allowed on the property. We apologize for any inconvenience, but our herd’s health is of utmost importance to us and to you as a future companion goat owner.

Goats are herd animals and a single goat can become listless, sickly and pine away. So, you must currently own a goat or purchase two from us.

Goats are great backyard pets with unique and endearing personalities – just like your beloved family dog.

Many families are exploring a more self-sufficient lifestyle by purchasing a few Nigerian Dwarf or Mini-Nubian dairy goats and chickens, along with planting small backyard gardens.

ADGA / MDGA Registered
(Both parents ADGA or MDGA registered)

Kids: Call for availability & pricing.

Unregistered Grade Kids
(One ADGA or MDGA registered parent)

Doeling: $600-$800
Bottle Fed Doeling: $700-$900
Buckling: $500-$700
Bottle Fed Buckling: $600-$800

Mature Goats

Yearling: Call for availability & pricing.
Senior: Call for availability & pricing.

We offer a discount when you buy two or more of our unregistered buckling goats.

Goat Companions is a family-owned Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Nubian goat breeder dedicated to producing high-quality family pet goats.



American Dairy Goat Association
American Dairy Goat Association
Miniature Dairy Goat Association
Miniature Dairy Goat Association
International Nubian Breeders Association
International Nubian Breeders Association