Alpaca Woven Rug 3′ x 5′ with fringe

One of a kind artisan products made from the fiber of our alpacas!

This custom hand loomed Berber rug is amazingly soft. When walking barefoot on one & then walking barefoot on carpet you will see the difference & wonder how you lived without alpaca fiber at your feet for all these years. Or as I say once you go Alpaca fiber you don’t want to go back. Normal carpet will feel more like sand paper & you will wonder how you never noticed. These rugs are a real luxury. Alpaca fiber is known as the fiber of the gods. I can see why & you will too if you haven’t already experienced this amazing fiber. We only have one available so don’t delay.

$900 + FedEx Home Delivery Ground Shipping or Free Pickup.
Size 3’ x 5’ feet

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