Adult Laying Hens


2020 Update

We are unable to sell our beautiful MUSCOVY DUCKS or SILKIE CHICKENS at the present time because Newcastle Disease has infected Southern California poultry and we are required to place our birds under quarantine.

What we are doing to keep our poultry safe from disease:

We practice strict biosecurity on our ranch and house our flock in a private area away from any outside human or animal traffic.

We have our flock tested on a periodic basis.

All of our birds have tested disease free and are completely healthy.

Once the quarantine is lifted, we will once again sell our beautiful Muscovy Ducks and Silkie Chickens. If you are interested in being added to our list for notification of when our birds become available for sale, please text your name, contact phone number and email address to our phone number listed at the top of our home page.