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Family Pet Goats

Welcome to GOAT COMPANIONS your Southern California source for top quality dairy goats. Goat Companions is a closed family ranch practicing strict biosecurity.

A closed ranch means that no outside animals are allowed, only the few families interested in a specific goat/s are scheduled for appointments & that our breeding herd continues to test negative for diseases.

We currently have bottle fed Nigerian Dwarf and Miniature Nubian kids available. We also offer an occasional bred doe starter package to expedite your goals. We do offer support throughout and after the sale so you benefit from our years of experience.

If you would like to meet the breeding herd and talk to us about our breeding program, we schedule limited appointments with families interested in purchasing specific goats.

We differ from many other goat breeders as we take extra time to treat every goat as a beloved family member. Our goal is to provide the most endearing companions for you and your children.

All of our goats have a name and many are leash trained. Every goat is treated with respect and older retired goats get to live out their lives in our sanctuary where they receive the same high quality of loving care during their senior years. When you come for a visit you can meet the parents of our kid goats to get an idea of what that kid will look like when fully grown.

Children and adults that visit are thrilled when a cute goat comes over for a healthy treat or to hang out. While expected from a dog most are surprised to learn that socialized goats are like puppy dogs and are great family pets.

Our entire herd has been tested negative for CAE, CL, G6S and Johne’s disease. In addition we have DNA tested all of our bucks and does. In 2020 we began testing for the Scrapie Variant in our breeding herd. With all of this information we are able to compile a complete profile on each goat so we can make informed breeding choices. We are a closed ranch and extremely protective of our herd’s excellent health and wellbeing.

Additional information:

Before you buy goats be certain to check your city ordinances to verify that goats are allowed within the city limits and the size limitations.

Goats are herd animals and a single goat can become listless, sickly and pine away. So, you must currently own a goat or purchase a pair.

Family pet goat kids will be disbudded and current on vaccines.

When you purchase goats from us you can always call with questions.

If you are new to owning goats it’s best to buy a book about caring for goats. See the products/books drop down menu on this website for some suggested titles that are available through Amazon.

Pricing starts at $750. Our companion goats are healthy and are born on our private ranch. See individual listings for more specifics.