Billy the goat being lovingly welcomed @ Great Spirits Ranch in Malibu, CA. Great Spirits Ranch is an amazing place with lots of love & powerful energy. Check out their website @ greatspiritsranch.com We’ve enjoyed every one of you so much. We are so happy & proud to say our animals have become your companions. It’s such a blessing to have met & shared the joy of these animals with every one of you. This page is all about people we have met & the animals we will always remember. It’s not easy selling animals we love so much, but it’s awesome that they are bringing joy & love into your lives. Meeting new amazing people is a big reason we enjoy breeding these animals. In today’s world, it’s so amazing to share the peace, love, & joy of companion animals with you. Thank you all & we know you are providing loving homes & enjoying these amazing creatures as much as we have.
Map showing where 189 of our companion animals have moved. 🙂
Note: The map/data is way out of date (last updated in 2017). We no longer update it for many reasons. But we’re leaving it here for now. Needless to say after more than 10 years, we’ve had the pleasure of re-homing a lot of amazing companion/therapy goaties with our awesome customers. Give us a call.

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