Penny BLUE EYES Mini La Mancha

Penny is a cross between a Mini La Mancha dam and Nigerian Dwarf sire. Both parents are registered (dam with TMGR and sire with ADGA).

Because she has Mini La Mancha genetics she stands a bit taller than most Nigerian Dwarf does so is easier to milk. Her udder has good attachment and she has excellent overall conformation.

Penny kidded on March 11, 2019. She is beautiful, sweet and a great addition to our herd. We are offering her for sale because many families have asked for an adult doe. Each time we have bred her to a registered Nigerian Dwarf buck she has produced twins with Nigerian Dwarf ears and beautiful coloration.

We are bottle-feeding her 2019 progeny so she should be purchased soon should you desire a milking goat.

Penny is current on shots, hoof trimming, etc.

Most of our goats are priced between $550 and $900. Factors such as registration, gender and genetics influence pricing. Adult does in milk, pregnant does, herd sires and Miniature Nubians are more expensive. We occasionally discount an adult a goat when we decide not to breed him or her again. We offer a 10% discount to 4H members and a multiple goat purchase discount.

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